Real Estate Development

Design, construction, planning, and development

We look at the entire life of a building from a total perspective. We create the optimal answer from both knowledge and technology.

Management Support

◦ Understanding building equipment assets and maintaining asset registers.
◦ Developing medium- to long-term maintenance plans.
◦ Proposing improvements to facility system operations.
◦ Reducing life cycle costs, etc.

Building/equipment Improvement

◦ Review of management operationss.
◦ Review of contract ordering format (electricity, gas, water, insurance, etc.).
◦ Review of information management and security.

Environmental Response

◦ Support for energy saving, CO2 reduction (carbon offset), and emissions trading.
◦ Evaluation of environmental risks (assessment of asbestos, PCB, seismic resistance, soil contamination, etc.).
◦ Compatible with non-sick buildings.
◦ Comprehensive evaluation of built environment performance (CASBEE).
◦ Various subsidy systems Support/information provision.

Due Diligence

◦Tax and public dues/business succession.
◦Inheritance support (disposability, divisibility, profitability).
◦Tax saving support.
◦Depreciation support.
◦Suitability of existing ineligibility.
◦BCP (Business Continuity Plan).